The life length of a rug depends on how you take care and look after it. We recommend you to shake and vacuum your rug first thing before placing it in your home. Then vacuum at least once a week without the brush head. When you unpack your rug, there can eventually be some fold marks that has been caused due to packaging. When you put your rug on the floor the fold and any stripes will disappear after a few days. If you carefully spray some water on the carpet it should disappear faster. Use a rug coaster to minimize the wear of the rug. To minimize bleach and uneven wear on the rug, turn it regularly so that the wear will be even.


During the first period of use the rug can fuzz quite a lot and is not a manufacturing fault. This depend of the rug being tufted, and there is some loose threads that needs to get off. Vacuum regularly and use a moist cloth to gather the fuzz, and it will disappear after a month or two. This is particularly adaptable on wool- and viscose rugs.


This is a process that is made by hand and each rug is colored individually, changes in color might accour and this is the idea with the Dip Dye rugs to get its own expression.


A wool rug is easier to take care of than viscose and has a natural impregnation in their fibers. If you spill on the rug, wipe up excess liquid as soon as possible. Don’t rub, then there is a chance on rubbing the stain into the fiber of the fabric. Treat the stain immediately with a slightly wet cloth with a small amount of soap. Just use a little bit of water and wipe carefully on the stain. Finish with some warm water and after a dry cloth. If you can’t remove the stain with this method, hand the rug in to a professional rug cleaning that perform flat drying.


A Shaggy rug need a more thorough vacuum so that dirt there is deeper down in the pile disappear. Even if it doesn’t look dirty, make vacuuming a regular maintenance. Vacuum in the direction of the pile and lift the nozzle after every move. You can also turn the rug upside down and whip the backside so that dirt deep in the pile can come out. FURNITURE Please see instructions for each furniture on the product page or contact us.